Rosacea & Redness of the Face Treatment

Do you suffer from redness of the face—to the point of discomfort—and you don’t know why?
Rosacea mainly affects the skin on your face, causing redness on the cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead. If it goes untreated, the symptoms of rosacea can become more severe, including bloodshot or watery eyes, burning or stinging sensations in the face, raised, red bumps and pus-filled, acne-like pimples, and even swelling.

Causes of Rosacea
There are various theories as to what causes rosacea, but none have been conclusively proven to be true. One theory it is merely one part of a larger, more general blood vessel disorder. Other theories posit skin mites, fungus, problems of the skin’s underlying connective tissue, and even psychological factors, as possible causes of rosacea.

Because it is unclear what exactly the causes of rosacea are, it is impossible to take preventative measures against its manifestation. However, doctors have identified multiple external factors that can trigger rosacea flare-ups. These triggers include: exposure to sun and wind, emotional stress, extremely hot or extremely cold weather, heavy or excessive exercise, and consumption of alcoholic or hot beverages.

Rosacea is more commonly diagnosed among women than men; men, however, tend to exhibit more severe symptoms than women. Individuals who are fair-skinned or prone to blushing could be at higher risk for developing rosacea than those who are not.

The number of cells in our skin reduces over the years. As cell reproduction slows, less collagen is produced. These changes make skin less elastic and less able to recover from repeated stretching, scrunching and folding that occurs while making expressions or even sleeping. Unable to rebound, skin begins to wrinkle and sag.

In addition, as we get older the cells that make up our skin become thinner and less able to hold moisture, giving our skin a drier, more crackled appearance. Fat cells beneath the skin reduce in size and cause the skin to wrinkle and sag even more.